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LMT Information

Licensed Massage Therapist

Primary Responsibilities

  • Discuss and collaborate with clients about their concerns, medical history, stressors, pain issues, and goals for massage treatment.  Evaluate clients’ soft tissue conditions, joint functioning, muscle strength, and range of motion. 

  • Massage soft body tissues to promote relaxation, relieve discomfort, treat injury and medical conditions, and/or maintain wellness.  Provide different treatment modalities and techniques within your scope of expertise and professional license.

  • Maintain detailed, accurate, and consistent treatment notes according to Washington state law.

  • Assist with linen washing and sanitize spa rooms and equipment according to spa policies and Washington state laws.

  • Communicate with reception staff and other team members as needed in a professional and courteous manner.

  • Maintain strict confidentiality for all clients in the spa according to spa policies and HIPAA mandates.

  • Suggest stretching, strengthening, and relaxation methods to implement in between appointments. 

Compensation & Benefits

  • $35 to $60+ per treatment (depending on service provided)

  • Full health insurance benefits for full time employees

  • Gratuity

  • AMTA liability insurance paid in full

  • Contribution to continuing education

  • Mentorship, trainings, and collaboration with team lead on regular basis!

  • Full access to equipment and supplies

Required Qualifications

  • High school diploma, GED, or equivalent and certificate of completion from accredited massage school.

  • Current Washington state massage license w/out any sanctions or conditional approval.

  • Knowledge of and experience providing wellness massage and medical treatment.

  • Willingness to be credentialed for insurance billing.

  • Adherence to all local and state licensing laws and regulations for massage therapy.

  • Preference for therapists who are open to working on weekends or some weekends per month.

  • Ability and comfort working with diverse clientele.

  • Experience using a computer for scheduling and maintaining electronic medical records.

  • Maintain client confidentiality and adhere to HIPAA requirements.

  • Satisfactory results of background and reference check.

  • Believes and understands the healing benefits of body work and massage.

  • Understands the power of the mind-body connection.

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