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Structural Integration

60 Minutes - $150

Structural Integration (Rolfing) is a specialized treatment that has the potential to dramatically alter your posture and body structure. This treatment can potentially resolve discomfort, release tension, and alleviate pain. Other benefits include increased flexibility and feeling more comfortable in your body. This treatment is performed in a series of 10 sessions, with some maintenance sessions after completion. Each session will focus on a different area of your body. Further, each session builds upon the last.


While there is a general "map" guiding the process of treatment, each session and treatment series are individually tailored. This is because each session is based on individual needs, structure, movement patterns, and learned behaviors.


Session 1: Focuses on the chest and arms, and will sometimes move out to the neck, back, and upper legs.

Session 2: More attention to the lower part of the body, particularly the feet and lower legs.

Session 3: Focus is placed on the head, shoulders, and hips, and how they’re related to each other.


Sessions 4-7 are often called the “core” treatment sessions. These sessions focus on the area from the pelvis to the head, commonly referred to as the core of the body. There’s also some focus on the legs, given the leg’s role in providing stability to the core.


Session 4: Focuses on the lower pelvis, the legs, and the arches of the feet.

Session 5: Addresses the abdomen and the lower back.

Session 6: Focus on the legs, lower back, and pelvis.

Session 7: Practitioner devotes their primary attention to the neck and head.


Sessions 8-10 have the goal for “integration.” At this stage, the Rolfing practitioner will seek to combine all of the work they’ve done so far so as to achieve structural integration throughout the body. The goal is a fully integrated body by the end of the tenth session.

Session 8 & 9: The practitioner tends to focus on putting together and executing a plan on how to bring about structural integration in the body. The goal here is to create a unique treatment approach that will differ from one client to the next.

Session 10: Focus primarily on bringing about balance in the body.

*Because this treatment addresses the whole body, most areas of the body will be worked on. This may include rib cage, chest, glutes, around the groin area, and internal mouth. You are expected to be fully clothed for the entirety of the treatment. Your therapist will fully explain where, why, and how they are working on your body throughout the treatment. Your therapist will seek verbal consent for any sensitive areas. You are NEVER required to be touched anywhere that is uncomfortable to you.

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