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Personal Injury Protection

Auto Injury Treatment

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) policies cover medically necessary massage treatment after you experience an injury from an auto accident. Your doctor or chiropractor must prescribe massage treatment and provide a medical diagnosis for your injuries. Auto insurance policies have different rules for coverage. They may require you to have an attorney, pay for the treatment out of pocket, or will pay per visit after we submit the billing claim. It is strongly recommended that you speak with your claims adjuster or agent regarding these details.


**We do not bill 3rd party insurance claims. This means that we do not bill for treatment if the other driver's insurance is covering your treatment.

Bloom & Blossom Wellness Center uses the following protocol for PIP scheduling, insurance, and treatment planning:

  1. Patient completes the HIPAA compliant and secure intake screening and consent form.  

  2. Our treatment coordinator reviews the information in full. The insurance claim adjuster or case manager will be contacted to verify coverage and gather relevant information.

  3. If the patient requires a treatment that our medical professionals are not able to provide, we will inform the patient of this.

  4. After all relevant information is gathered and verified, the patient is contacted via phone or email for scheduling. 

  5. The patient is required to provide all necessary documentation and insurance information. Additional paperwork about your injuries and the accident will be completed prior to the first appointment as well.

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