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Private Insurance

Injury Treatment

$175 for 60 minutes

We accept Regence insurance plans. No other plans will be accepted for insurance billing. **Please call 360-706-2674 to check on the status of our waiting list**

To schedule an appointment:
1. You are REQUIRED to have a doctor or chiropractor referral w/ DIAGNOSIS.
2. You are responsible for knowing your massage therapy coverage. It is STRONGLY recommended you check your benefits and plan requirements prior to scheduling. Find out if you have a limited number of sessions, pre-authorization requirement, out of pocket costs, etc.

If you have an insurance plan (not Regence), you may be able to pay out of pocket and seek reimbursement from your insurance carrier. Our rate for medical massage is $150 for 60 minutes and you are required to pay this at time of service. We are able to provide information you need for reimbursement. We cannot guarantee reimbursement and do not submit any paperwork on your behalf. 

We can provide the following to help you get reimbursed:

  • Proof of payment

  • Procedure code

  • Itemized charges

  • Our Tax ID

Please use the following links to find information about reimbursement. 

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