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Nutrition Therapy


Abby Douglas, RDN, LD

Hi there! My name is Abby Douglas and I am a Registered and Licensed Dietitian living in Bend, Oregon. I am excited to be taking clients in both Washington and Oregon via telehealth with the Bloom & Blossom team. 


As a Non-Diet and Health at Every SizeⓇ aligned Dietitian, I enjoy helping individuals who want to improve their overall health and vitality through a positive relationship with food, body, and movement. Together, I help my clients find health-promoting behaviors that work for them, rather than implementing strict food rules or diets.


My goals are to empower individuals to thrive in their bodies without shame or judgment, improve overall health, and reduce symptoms from health concerns through quality nutrition and improved relationship with food. I recognize that food has many roles in our lives - it not only nourishes our bodies, it’s also vital to our mental wellbeing, cultural practices, celebrations, and more.


During my 8+ years as a dietitian, I have gained valuable experience working with clients who experience disordered eating, kidney disease, diabetes, GI conditions, weight concerns, and more. 

General Health and Disease Prevention

Disordered Eating

Emotional Eating

Breaking Free from Weight Concerns and Chronic Dieting

Kidney Health


Digestive Health

Heart Health

Mental Health Nutrition


Neurodivergent Nutrition Considerations

LGBTQIA+ affirming

Initial Intake

Our first meeting will be a thorough discussion of your history, medical conditions, concerns, relationship with food, goals, and more. Prior to this meeting, you will complete an in-depth intake questionnaire. I will likely ask you follow up questions and will work to understand you as best as possible. The intake session is usually 60 minutes. I provide treatment through telehealth only (video or phone).

60 Minutes - $250

Nutrition Sessions

Short term and long term treatment is available depending on your nutrition goals. Typically, sessions are weekly or bi-weekly at the start of treatment. Some clients prefer to continue frequent sessions to maintain their progress and address new issues or stressors. Others choose to schedule monthly sessions or as needed. You determine what is best for you. Sessions are usually 60 minutes. Most insurance plans cover nutrition counseling. Check with your insurance carrier for session limits and coverage benefits.

30 Minutes - $100     45 Minutes - $150       60 Minutes - $200

Currently accepting:
  • Private Pay
  • Premera
  • Regence & Uniform Plans
  • First Choice Health
  • Please complete the client scheduling form and you will be contacted as soon as possible for scheduling.
Screening form for new clients


Front Desk: 360.706.2674


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