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Brandy Gillihan, LMHC

Thoughts of brokenness or unworthiness, feelings of anxiety or loneliness…these inner experiences are difficult to bear. They can leave us feeling disconnected and discouraged, unable to take steps toward the life we want. I can help you to see your inner strength and develop internal resources to help you weather storms such as these, and help you envision and move toward a meaningful life. I am invested in helping you identify what you want to move toward—rather than only what you want to move away from—so that you can live your life fully.

I am passionate about working with people living with anxiety and stress, health anxiety and health behaviors, and shame and self-criticism. I also help people looking for support in building community, pursuing balance in work/life, developing self-compassion and clarifying values. I also have experience working with those who have non-dominant religious and spiritual beliefs. I have experience incorporating dreams and imagination into therapy, when desired or indicated.


I provide a size-friendly therapy environment for all bodies to explore non-food related concerns and struggles. I understand the difficulties larger-bodied people have when navigating health care, work relationships and interpersonal relationships. The presumption often is that living in a large body means that you struggle with food and/or body dissatisfaction. I know this is not the case. You deserve a space that understands this.

I also work with individuals struggling with disordered eating patterns. In this setting, my services are best matched to people who need regular, weekly therapy, rather than more intensive services. This work isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. I can help you learn to embrace all of your inner experiences, develop self-compassion and clarify your values, and in so doing, have the freedom to be more fully yourself, living the life you would choose to live.


Health Anxiety


Social Anxiety


Generalized Anxiety


Internalized Anti-fat Bias & Weight Stigma


Body Image concerns


Personal Growth & Values Exploration


Vivid and Disturbing Dreams

Stress/Life Transitions

Marginalized Religion/Spirituality (including animism, Paganism, New Thought, etc.)

Disordered Eating Patterns

Depression and Grief


Pet Loss

LGBTQIA+ affirming

Initial Intake

The intake session is our first meeting. We will thoroughly discuss your history, concerns, symptoms, and goals for therapy. We will also work towards determining goodness of fit. Sometimes it takes a few sessions to determine if we will work well together. I encourage you to research other therapists and find the best provider to fit your needs. As we work together past the intake session, we will continue to explore your experiences, address symptoms, develop strategies, and set new goals as needed. The intake session is 60 minutes. I provide in-office and telehealth therapy options. 

Fee:  $225

Therapy Sessions

Short term and long term treatment is available depending on your therapy goals. Typically, sessions are weekly or bi-weekly at the start of treatment. As you make progress and get closer to your goals, the frequency of sessions can be reduced. Some clients prefer to continue frequent sessions to maintain their progress and address new issues or stressors. Others choose to return to therapy for monthly sessions or as needed. You determine what is best for you. Sessions are 55 to 60 minutes. Most insurance plans cover unlimited sessions per year. Check with your insurance carrier for any limitations and your out of pocket cost.  

*Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (or ACT) is my primary frame. This “third wave” CBT therapy involves increasing your ability to move toward a life full of meaning, while staying focused on what you care about even in the face of painful thoughts and feelings. Within an ACT container, I also use client-centered, strengths-based and depth/psychodynamic approaches. I also work from a body liberation and Health at Every Size® (HAES®) informed perspective.

Fee:  $180

Is Brandy accepting new clients?

Accepted Insurance Plans:

  • ​Regence BCBS and Uniform

  • Premera

  • First Choice

  • Private Pay

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