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Massage for Kiddos & Teens!

Wellness Massage

$55 for 30 minutes
$95 for 60 minutes

Our wonderful massage therapists provide massage therapy for kiddos ages 4 to 17. From very young children to adolescents and teens, massage therapy has endless benefits. Massage is proven to increase dopamine (the feel good hormone) and decrease cortisol (the stress hormone). This is helpful for kiddos who struggle with educational, social, and familial stressors. Massage therapy can also help your child achieve better sleep, better concentration, and more energy. For active teens and adolescents, massage therapy can help to increase range of motion, improve flexibility, and recover from or prevent injuries. 

Massage therapy is also great for mental health, as it teaches relaxation, body awareness, and the importance of self-care. For children ages 4 to 15, we require that a parent or guardian be present in the room during the treatment. Clients who are ages 16 and 17 must have parental consent for treatment and having their parent in the room is optional. Kiddos can wear comfortable clothing or undress to their comfort. Our therapists are trained to work with young clients to help them feel comfortable and work towards their goals. 

Please call us with questions about our massage options. We will gladly help you find a therapist who is the best fit!

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